The ONE Double Electric Pump and Embody Combo

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The ultimate combo pack for every pumping mama!

Set yourself up with all your essential accessories for expressing and enjoy the efficiency of The ONE Double Electric Pump and pair with the control and convenience of the Youha Embody Wearable Breast Pump.

The ONE Pump and Embody Combo comes with everything you need to express, transport, store and feed your breast milk, either direct-to-bottle or hands-free.

Pump in comfort and freedom, wherever motherhood takes you.

This incredible pack includes (click for further details):

1 x The ONE Double Electric Breast Pump

1 x Embody Wearable Breast Pump

Youha mamas say...

"The Youha is a brilliant pump. It was more effective than my hospital grade pump, not to mention smaller, quieter and easier to use out and about."

Embody mamas say... 

"Pumping with Embody was a complete game changer. I hadn't expected to be pumping for such a long time or anticipated the challenges of doing this with a toddler and new baby. The wearable pump was comfortable, quiet, enabled me to still be present with my children while still all importantly getting precious top up breast milk we needed to keep growth on track."

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*Youha mamas referred to here were a group who were already using Australia's leading pump brands before completing a comprehensive review of Youha The ONE Double Electric Breast Pump and/or Embody Wearable Breast Pump

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