Youha Pumping Bag

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The lightweight, all-in-one Youha Pumping Bag protects your breast pump and keeps bottled or bagged breast milk cool and safe, on the go. 

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Fully insulated and enclosed in soft yet durable and water-resistant premium Oxford fabric, this purpose-built bag features an upper compartment to house and protect your pump, and a lower compartment with capacity for up to 6x Youha PPSU bottles of breast milk*. 

A convertible strap allows for either shoulder sling, cross-body or backpack style carrying in addition to the built in handle.

Slimline pockets on the rear of the bag accommodate personal items such as credit cards, keys and mobile phone securely and discreetly.

Width: 23cm
Depth: 21cm
Height: 31cm

Weight: 300gms

Use on your office commute, when visiting family or friends, attending events or taking a daytrip to protect your pump and safely transport your liquid gold (and/or snacks!)

*Please note that frozen ice packs must be packed in with bottled milk to ensure a safe storage temperature can be maintained, regardless of ambient room/outside temperature. Ice packs as shown in product imagery are not included. 

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