Teat with Cap

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Use with Youha 210mL PPSU Bottles
Use with Youha Milk Storage Bags

The Youha Teat with Cap is designed for use with Youha 210mL PPSU Bottles (bottles not included).

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Polypropylene (PP) and food grade silicone construction

Food safe and free of BPA, PVC, BPS and Phthalates

2 x Teat, 2 x Ring, 2 x Cap included

Inspect the teat carefully before and after each feed. If damaged replace immediately.

We recommend replacing this part at the first signs of wear, or every 3 months

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Benefits of replacing your breast pump parts

Breast pump parts wear out. Consider it a badge of honour. The good news is: new parts = new pump! Let us take you through why, what, when and how to replace and recycle your worn out parts so you can enjoy optimum performance from your breast pump once more. Save time, pressure, battery and output by following our helpful tips.

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