We are recycling with TerraCycle® via their Zero Waste Box solution to turn your used Youha silicone breast pump parts into recycled products such as flooring tiles, playground or field covers, and athletic tracks.

Any food-grade silicone breast shields, valves, teats, membranes and PPSU bottles can be cleaned and posted to Youha Australia HQ to be recycled via TerraCycle:


Youha Australia
PO Box 1109
St Leonards VIC 3223


Please note that we can only accept well cleaned parts. Include your email on the sender details and to reward you for taking care of the planet we will send you a code to receive 10% off your Youha replacement parts.

All Youha hard-plastic (PP) parts (excluding PPSU bottles) can be recycled through your local council's kerbside recycling.