Meet the mama behind Youha Australia

“I was driven by my passion to continue to give my baby the benefits of breast milk and Youha offered me a sustainable, convenient way to do this. My experience, combined with being super inspired by parents empowering and supporting each other, put me on the path to launch Youha Australia.”

– Rach, the mama behind Youha Australia

Youha Australia: Established 2020

Led by founder and mama Rach, Youha Australia’s team of working mamas are here to help breastfeeding and pumping parents in Australia and New Zealand make the most of their milk!

Rach loved using The ONE Pump and Express Cups herself (a recommendation from a friend in Hong Kong) as a sustainable and convenient way to supply breastmilk to her baby son when she returned to work at four months postpartum. 

When the opportunity arose to distribute Youha locally, Rach was determined to fully research the products, do her due diligence and actively listen to the needs of others breastfeeding and pumping, rather than rely on personal experience alone. Rach set up rigorous, three month long focus group trials with pumpers already using other leading brand pumps. Rach committed to distributing Youha on the back of the extremely positive feedback that came out of those trials, and in 2020, the mama-owned and operated Youha Australia was born. 

Reflecting on her five year association with Youha, Rach is proud of all that Youha Australia is able to offer to breastfeeding and pumping parents in Australia and New Zealand. At Youha Australia, Rach has nurtured a supportive team who each have first-hand experience pumping and strong relationships with Youha designers and engineers. 

For Rach, customer experience and support is everything. To ensure that this remains central as Youha grows, Rach continually nurtures her professional understanding, and associations with local lactation experts. Also important is working with and stocking the innovative products of other leading Australian brands in the pumping space. Rach’s genuine care for and commitment to those breastfeeding and using Youha pumps means she remains fully committed to being available to provide support and respond to any question you may have.

Read Natural Parent Magazine’s feature of Rach and the beginnings of Youha Australia.

Australian owned and operated

Run by a small team of mamas

Developed by expert engineers

Recommended by lactation experts

Committed to customer care

Dispatched same day before 1pm*

Photograph of pumper meditating in a seated position while using The INs wearable breast pump

Youha: Trusted Since 2010

Youha, a much-loved brand in the niche breastfeeding industry, emerged as a leading global manufacturer of breast pumps and accessories in 2010. With cutting-edge research and strict quality control, Youha quickly earned the trust of parents worldwide. Driven by the joy of new life and the natural power of breastfeeding, Youha's innovative product lines support seamless, relaxed parenting. Supported by Youha Australia along with 200+ distribution partners, the brand has made a positive impact on families in over 20 countries.

Behind the scenes

A day at Youha Australia

At the heart of our work at Youha Australia is spending time with our pumpers and potential pumpers, listening, answering questions and being inspired by those in the thick of new parenthood. Of course we find time to fit in the practical work of packing orders and working with our amazing stockists. Often we are preparing for new product launches, training sessions or upcoming expos. We love working with experts (not AI!) to write our helpful, empowering articles on pumping and breastfeeding. We happily test out innovative accessories compatible with our pumps – and sometimes end up stocking them!

Generally though our days are spent sharing our perspectives, expertise, meditation sessions, pics of our adorable kids and laughs!

Pump development

Thanks to a great relationship with Youha Global, The Youha Australia team actively initiates product development to ensure it meets the needs of Australian and New Zealand pumpers. We have run Australian-based trials for all major releases to ensure we know our pumps inside out before making them publicly available. You can read what those in the trials had to say in each pump's FAQ page.

We are also currently involved in the development of future pump models, though of course we can't say too much about that just yet! You'll just have to watch this space...

Embody development

From naming and branding Embody, to providing technical refinements and designing the supporting app interface and accompanying travel bag, Youha Australia has been integral to the development of Embody as a product that WE would want to use (in fact some mamas in our team do!). Among the many improvements our team championed, we ensured that modifications were made to the suction range on the Embody to allow for greater control, subtlety and efficiency. Having the ability to make finer adjustments between each of Embody’s 10 suction levels ensures super smooth adjustability.

My YOUHA App Features: Youha Australia The INs wearable breast pump with app controls via bluetooth - How to express breastmilk for bottlefeeding or breastfeeding with wearable breast pump Australia

App development

Youha Australia also led the My YOUHA app design. As mamas who've pumped (or are still pumping), we know it's important to be able to see what your pump is up to without having to peek down your bra! So we laid out the display to show you EVERYTHING at a glance – how long you've been pumping, what mode and level you're in, how much battery is in each motor and whether your motors are synced up or operating independently. Incorporating a dark mode was non-negotiable to allow for using the app at night or in darkened rooms – and we still can't decide which mode's colour scheme we think looks cuter. Embody and The INs both connect via bluetooth to these controls on the My YOUHA app which also offers the ability to record and chart your session times and output. We love how the tracking of milk volumes for each side can help paint a fuller picture of your milk production for you (and your lactation consultant!).

Bag development

We had the most fun designing the Luxe Pump Bag for you. It comes included with the Embody, but of course we made sure it fits all our other pump models too! Every detail was considered. We know once you've used your pump out and about you're going to want to keep the rinsed parts separate from the motors, so there's special wet and dry compartments for each. We also know first-hand that pumping is demanding at times, so we made sure there's an external pocket you can slip some emergency snacks into! We're obsessed with the feel and colour of the outer fabric, which we picked to help you spy easily amongst a sea of newborn paraphernalia. We love how its soft shell is able to to protect your pump without unnecessary bulk, making it easier to slip into an overnight or work bag.

Youha Australia photo shoots

Our gorgeous photography aims to not only showcase our fabulous pumps, but also celebrate the beautiful bond that real parents share with their children and each other! It sure makes for a chaotic scene behind the camera, but we love the warmth and energy our photographers have been able to capture.

Youha Australia in expo mode

We really love meeting expectant, new and returning parents in person at big baby expos. We have such fun designing and pulling together a warm, inviting, and approachable space for new and expectant parents to ask all their burning questions and explore the ins-and-outs of pumping. Visitors appreciate the quality of our pumps close up, often commenting on how lightweight and quiet they are to handle.

Please don't wait for an expo though! If you have a question, want to say hi or share your story, reach out via We'd love to hear from you!

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