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Since 2010, Youha has been producing premium breast pumps and accessories to the highest manufacturing certifications.
We're so proud to make these amazing pumps and all their parts available locally through Youha Australia!


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Illustration showing milk glands underneath maternity and pumping bras

How breastmilk is produced

Take the mystery (but by no means the magic!) out of milk production. With the help of IBCLC Kate, we'll take you through how breast milk is produced by your body, what influence you have, and the stages involved – from early milk to maintaining an established supply.

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Illustration of a hand with ruler marks along its forefinger measuring a nipple, breast milk settled into the curve of the breast visible below

Why breast pump flange sizing matters

A breast pump – however fabulous! – is only as good as its fit. No pump manufacturer can account for everyone's sizing straight out of the box. Learn how to refine the fit of your breast pump flange sizing using our sizing quiz and tips from IBCLC Kate to ensure your pump is as comfortable and effective as it can be.

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Illustration of a traditional breast pump assembly overlaid onto a wearable breast pump

How to use a breast pump like a boss

Breast pumps offer us unprecedented convenience. So, when everyone's pumping experience is unique, how can you best set yourself up for a successful pumping journey? Get a leg up the learning curve with IBCLC Kate's top tips for getting the most out of your pump, and your time pumping!

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Illustration of new Youha breast pump parts sparkling in their packages

Benefits of replacing your breast pump parts

Breast pump parts wear out. Consider it a badge of honour. The good news is: new parts = new pump! Let us take you through why, what, when and how to replace and recycle your worn out parts so you can enjoy optimum performance from your breast pump once more. Save time, pressure, battery and output by following our helpful tips.

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