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"game changer - back at work"

The Youha pump was a game changer. Using the Express Cups, I was able to express at my desk and in meetings without an issue. Highly recommend this system.


"express without having to undress!"

This system is pretty effective and very convenient, the Express Cups allow you to express without having to undress! Pretty handy.


"recommend it to all new mamas!"

The Youha The ONE pump is super small, portable and quiet. I love the cold pack that comes with it, as it makes transporting your milk around so much easier. I would recommend it to all new mamas!


"incredibly comfortable"

This product is so incredibly comfortable, quiet and convenient, whether you‚Äôre pumping at home, at the office, or ‚Äėon the go!‚Äô


"completely hands-free"

I loved being able to pump and do different activities, completely hands-free. It helped me build a large milk supply for my baby and the Youha Express Cups made life much easier.


Gift card

A perfect gift for a new mama! A unique baby shower gift. Gift cards now available from our store.


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